Welcome to Videocracy! We can enhance your website with Video, Audio, and/or Photography. Videocracy is a comprehensive new media service offered by the folks that know how to build and host award winning websites, OnYourMark, LLC. These services not only consist of creation and re-purposing (convert from one type of media to another), but Videocracy also has the necessary infrastructure (read bandwidth) to serve your media – whether we host your website or not. And if that isn’t enough, for those of you that want to sell your copyrighted media, we can assist with that too through our sister company, SecureSiteCommerce.Com.

Keith Klein

Phone/Text: 262-252-3000

Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners https://www.WisOwners.com

Founder & CEO, OnYourMark, LLC https://www.OnYourMark.com

Author, WebForging, A Practical Guide to the Art of Forging Your Web Presence https://www.WebForging.com