Enhance your Website with Video, Audio, and/or Photography

Welcome to Videocracy! We can enhance your website with Video, Audio, and/or Photography. Videocracy is a comprehensive new media service offered by the folks that know how to build and host award winning websites, OnYourMark, LLC.

These services not only consist of creation and re-purposing (convert from one type of media to another), but Videocracy also has the necessary infrastructure (read bandwidth) to serve your media – whether we host your website or not. And if that isn’t enough, for those of you that want to sell your copyrighted media, we can assist with that too through our sister company, SecureSiteCommerce Company.

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Dazzle your customers and VAP your competition!

Video can be presented several ways: as an embedded video that plays either when the page starts or the visitor clicks play; or as a live streaming video event. One caveat: use video to enhance or supplement your website, not to eliminate your text (another sister company, Register Success, has experts in search engine registration!). We can grab video from your mini-DV or VHS tapes, store the digital format on our high-bandwidth streaming server, and then either you or we insert the necessary player code into your website. And if you don’t have that video on tape, we can send our videographers to your location and create award-winning videos.

What a great way to demonstrate your products or services!

Audio can be used to not only enhance your website video and photographs, but also your text. The Internet is great for reaching a worldwide audience, but don’t forget that personalization and clarity of purpose still sells. As with video, we can grab audio from your mini-DV or VHS tapes, store the digital format on our high-bandwidth streaming server, and insert the player code into your website. If you need a voice-over, we can do that as well.

Create, Store, and Deliver!

Photography is still the leader when it comes to conveying products or thoughts on the web. You don’t need us for those little images that are on most websites. You need Videocracy for those high-resolution, high-impact photos so your visitor can see every detail as if looking at the original. Oh, did we say that we could create those professional images?

Still need more?

As was mentioned above, Videocracy was built by an organization with the experience of 10s of thousands of web pages. We’ve created an organization with more than enough infrastructure, expert consultants, and great service. If you need more, we have experts that can assist with everything from e-commerce to search engine registration.

Video Services

What We Offer :

We offer a wide range of quality, cost effective videography services. Most companies do not have the time or talent to produce professional looking videos. We can do video shoots on site or at our studio.

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Photo Services

Cost Effective Photography

Videocracy provides a wide range of high quality, cost effective photography services. Most companies do not have the time or talent to produce their own high images for their websites or print catalogs. We can do photo shoots on-site or at our studio. We can use either traditional film or digital photography at your preference.

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Audio Services

Capture, Record, streaming

Audio can add that extra punch to your website, getting your message across. We believe in giving the user control over your content, but presenting it in such a way as to compel them to listen.

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