Why does audio fit with Videocracy.com?

Audio can add that extra punch to your website, getting your message across. We believe in giving the user control over your content, but presenting it in such a way as to compel them to listen.


We have the capabilities to capture your audio from many sources. We can convert into web-ready video your old (or even new) cassettes, mini-DV, VHS, CDs, or raw digital files. Besides optimized, streaming audio, we can give this data to you in high quality formats for other presentation formats such as Multimedia products.


If you don’t handle audio recording yourself, you don’t need to rely on a separate studio to produce your audio recording needs, as we can do it in-house or on-site.


Steaming audio allows you to play audio before it is even finished downloading! Our fast internet connections combined with our streaming servers mean your end user will not need to wait to hear your audio message. This keeps them clicking, exploring your site.

What We Offer

  • Audio Conversion
  • Recording
  • Audio Editing
  • Audio File Hosting and Streaming

Our servers are optimized for storage and high bandwidth, exactly what you need for your streaming media. Minimal download waits and snappy responses to user actions will keep them listening in, and bring them back again.

You have the option of hosting with Videocracy for part or all of your website. Hosting just the streaming audio on a sub domain on Videocracy’s servers will allow you to monitor the access and usage independently of the rest of your site.