What We Offer

We offer a wide range of quality, cost effective videography services. Most companies do not have the time or talent to produce professional looking videos. We can do video shoots on site or at our studio.

Our expertise includes:

  1. Industrial equipment instruction video
  2. Manufacturing process videos
  3. Product videocracy
  4. Promotional product videos
  5. Event photography
  6. Trade show, conference and expo videocracy
  7. Sports videography

We can serve your videocracy needs. Our studio is equipped with a portable backdrop and professional lighting.

Capture and Formats

We have the capabilities to capture your video from many sources.

  1. Convert into web-ready video for streaming
  2. Convert your old (or new) VHS footage into new media formats.
  3. Output in the format of your choice, including miniDV, and VHS
  4. Your footage can be output to DVD or VideoCD (VCD).

All video capture and mastering is done in digital video format, complete with state of the art non-linear video editing capability.

We can make your video available in the following formats:

  • Flash (we can also create custom flash players)
  • AVI, .MP4, MPEG and Windows .WMV on-live video
  • PSP and DVD formats as well


Steaming video allows you to play video before it is even finished downloading! Our fast internet connections, combined with our streaming servers, mean your customer will not need to wait to see your presentation.

We currently offer the following options for streaming video:

  1. Flash
  2. Windows Media
  3. Quicktime
  4. Real Media

Videography Services We Offer



  • Video Conversion
  • Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Additional Services
  • 3 GB Bandwidth & 100 MB Storage
  • Additional 1 GB Bandwidth

Hosted Rate

  • $89/hour
  • $89/hour
  • $89/hour
  • $89/hour
  • $45
  • $3.00

Regular Rate

  • $109/hour
  • $109/hour
  • $109/hour
  • $109/hour
  • $70
  • $6.00

Our servers are optimized for storage and high bandwidth, exactly what you need for your streaming media. This gives your users a more immediate response keeping them from loosing interest due to waiting for your content to load on there computer.

You have the option of hosting with Videocracy for part or all of your website. Hosting just the streaming video on a sub domain on Videocracy’s servers will allow you to monitor the access and usage independently of the rest of your site.